Feeling like first date is a waste of time?

Have you ever gone into a first date wondering if you're just wasting your time? Whether you think he/she is out of your league and you'll get the "lets just be friends" speech the next day, or the other person is just not someone you'd consider boyfriend/girlfriend material. Any thoughts?


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  • Why would you go on a date that you though was a waste of time? It probably is. And I'm sure you'll give off that vibe.


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  • Well if you go to a first date thinking that she is "out of your league" then yes, I guarantee you'll end up in the dreaded "friend zone". So beef up your attitude. If you don't want to be friends then let it be known, just don't go overboard and do something really dumb out of nowhere. but do subtle things like touching her (appropriately) that let her know what you want. You got to have that "edge" about you. You need to play the role of alpha male and know what you want and go after it.

    From there, its all up to her and what she is after and what she wants...

    BOTTOM LINE- Confidently show a girl what you want, and if she wants the same she will answer back accordingly.