He sent me a text saying "Do you still like me? Tell me it's not that."

I told this guy (Jack) that I liked him, and he said he didn't like me back anymore (he used to like me but had to move states for work). I was really crushed, and eventually I started dating someone else. When Jack heard this, he sent me a text saying "Do you still like me? Tell me it's not that". Why would he say this? He's 22.


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  • It probably hit him and he realized that he maybe likes you as well and the fact that your seeing someone has made him realized that he let you go

    • But if he realized he like me why would he say "Tell me it's not that"? That makes it sound like he doesn't want me to like him.

    • It could have been that he did like you and if you said you still liked him then he would feel bad that he missed his opportunity.

      If you say something like you don't like him anymore then that will make him feel "better"...in the sense that he won't feel like he missed that opportunity. Which is why he said "tell me its not that"

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