Any reason you wouldn't text or call the girl you like?

Even if you have the phone number of the girl you like, would you still be too nervous, shy, or for any other reason, refrain from contacting her? Does that happen?


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  • It depends on the guy, honestly. Some guys will be frozen with fear though if he got your number, he should be able to follow through. Maybe he's busy.


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  • Depends on the guy. I wouldn't freeze. I would get right back to you asap. Some other guys might be hesitant for whatever reason. Some might just think its best not to call you for some reason.

  • I was just in this situation. I met this really cute girl at the most romantic place in the world, costco hehe. And after talking to her a few times through text I found out she lives an hour from me. That sucks so much. I hate to commute.

    So what I'm trying to say is don't take it personally. It could be a thousand other reasons, so don't sweat it. Just move on.


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