Is it possible still?

well I'm really really in love with my ex still we broke up about 2 weeks ago and she got a rebound like 2 days after we broke up the reason I'm sure she got with him is because I broke up with her but in a messed up way I told I didn't want to be with her I was done but I calmed down 2 days later and thought we just needed a brake but she says she is liking this new guy me and my ex were so in love and she's already over me like that?heres something else her and this rebound already had a big fight or something from what I heard but they made up the next day they've only dated for a week and had a fight is that a good sign?she knows I still love her more then anything I told her I still wanted to be with her but she says she was over me she didn't love me anymore do yall think that is a lie and she's trying her hardest to hurt me or can it really be over?and what do yall think of that rebound problem she says she's crazy about him but they already got into a fight is this good for me?


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  • first of all, why do you guys do that? you said you broke up with her? but now you want her back? honestly I don't think this rebound guy wil work out. she's just trying to make you jealous. and its working right? the best thing for you to do is to let her know that you're here for her if she ever needs anything but try to avoid contact with her as long as she's still with that guy. I think she just wants the attention from you. once you stop giving it to her she will realize that your not going to stick around forever and she will rpobly come after you. but keep in mind that this was your decision and that if its too late well then its too late! maybe you can help me because I am in the same situation except there is no other girl or guy, my boyfriend broke up with me but he "maybe" wants to get back together, he says he still loves me and misses me blah blah. why do you guys do that?!?

    • Well me and her were together 24/7 but I wanted some me time you know I love her but we got to take a little break from each other every now and then like a weekend 2 days with some buddy's but she always wanted to be together her and lol I now I sound really pathetic and I know I brought this opon my self but I'd trade everything to be with her this past 2 weeks I found out all I need is her......

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    • Ya but she still got pretty mad I'd say she got kinda jealous over my friends she kinda smothered me I guess she always wanted to be with me she got a job around christmas time to get me a good present so I don't think she'll do that if she didn't love me you know??

    • Yes but if she keeps smothering you, your just going to get more annoyed!!! you don't want someone like that anyway


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  • You need to ask yourself, do you really want her back because you love her for who she is or do you only want her back because you lost her to another? Can you see yourself with her again, the way things used to be? If so, then you shouldn't give up on her. She's only reacting to how bad you hurt her. You can't expect for her to take you back instantly because you hurt her pride and lost her trust...

    She's obviously not over you. It's truly impossible to be able to get over someone you've been with for a long time in only two weeks. Make sure you have a genuine conversation with her, telling her how sorry and mistaken you are for making that decision. Pour your heart out to her, then give her some time. If she truly does love you, she'll come right back to you. If not, then at least you know you gave it your best shot and did all you could to get her back...Whatever happens, make sure you learn from this mistake...

  • That's a messed up situation. rebounds never workout. Trust me I KNOW! but as far as her feelings towards you, Idk. If you really in love with someone then you wouldn't be trying to work something else out with another person. I think she's crazy. sounds like she may not be the girl for. sounds like she's playing games, but then again, I do not know her.

    • Lol I've been with this girl for a year and sometimes I don't know her I know for a fact I was the love of her life she did so much for me but something so small came between us

  • LET HER GO! If it didn't work out the first time it wasn't meant to be!

  • Just play it cool, soon the excitement of this new guy will die down and you'll be the one she is thinking of.


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