Why won't he text me back?

I'm dating this guy, we have been on a few dates and had sex... I was texting him last night, until about 10pm... he was out getting drunk with his friends... and then I text he about half 11, no reply... then about 12:10am, no reply... and I was having a bad night (I've got a cold and I couldn't sleep) so I text him around 2am... no reply! Yet he was going on Facebook :/

Now, I've waited for a while to text... I text him almost an hour ago, and no reply... I'm suppose to be seeing him tonight and going out for the way with him 2moro...

What should I do? Am I overreacting? Feel like he isn't interested anymore... xx

its okay :) he text me before, he left his fone at his mates and the battery died, seeing him 2moro :) xx


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  • It could be lots of things. But regardless, I'd say more texting won't help your cause. One possibility is that his phone was out of juice. You sending lots of texts won't be great when he recharges it if he gets them all at once.

    Just go out with him when you've planned to and see how things go. If you've already been on a few dates and you've had sex, then he's definitely attracted to you, so just relax and have fun.

    • yeah we don't have a time planned tho... so, I don't know what to do :/

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    • haha I know, I was just worrying for no reason... I tend to do that haha

    • Cool. And thanks for Best Answer.

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  • You have to set some boundaries. For yourself and what to allow other to treat you like. That's important in having a solid self respect and let others respect you.

    If you text once try not to send another text until you receive an answer. Anything else is being clingy.

    Yes I read your update.

    • couldn't agree more, this little relationship won't last much if you stay that clingy or obsessive QA. really need healthy boundaries or this will continue to be an unhealthy relationship. that is, unhealthy for you.

  • Just a warning, texting someone 4-5 times and they haven't answered is a HUGE red flag for guys.

    • i know I know... but my texts werent like "what ru up2" etc etc, I'm ill at the moment and cudnt sleep to I was texting him about that, but when he text me he said sorry for not replying and hopes I get better etc x

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    • This is the truth. I broke up with two of my girlfriends about 2 months in because of this. I went to a movie one night and turned my phone off. When got out and checked it guess what? 7 new text messages.

    • ooooh... I'm not that bad :) id never do that!

  • Great, a girl could call a boy several times in the middle of the night, and it is considered cute, yet when a guy does it, it is considered a sexual assault.

  • yes your overreacting.. chill out

  • Jeez, girls are nuts.

  • Have a little dignity. If he didn't reply back after the tenth text, then he might be busy or doesn't have the phone on him. Being needy so early on will scare any guy away.

  • How could you believe in this history that he told you? He probably cheatead on you last night.

  • Is this a boyfriend or some random guy that took you on a couple dates

    • he isn't my boyfriend yet, but there is potential.. don't wanna jinx it. but the problem is over now, I was being paranoid and I worry to easily

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    • No. I didn't. He is the first person I've slept with off that site. I'm done now, going to bed!

    • did I say something wrong or something, I hope I didn't :)

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  • stop texting the guy! sorry but your behavior is obsessive and will put him off guaranteed.

    what would you think of a guy you had just started dating was texting you constantly when you were on a night out with the girls?

    • yeah I understand that, but he has text me when I've been on night outs, saying stuff like "dont let any guys touch u, your mine" etc...

    • when he says your mine you should be like if you wanna be my boyfriend go ahead. I've had guys tell me not to sleep with other guys and they were all players. they don't want to commit but want your commitment so instead of asking you to be boyfriend girlfriend they just suggest they want your commitment in a noncommital way..

    • i see what you mean, I've spoken to him about it like, just taking things slow, we both don't want to rush into anything, and that was me saying that before him. he said he isn't seeing any1 else and doesn't want to be with any1 else, so just going with the flow :)

  • girl you NEED to get your head away from this clingy situation...if I were you id take a breather for at least 2 days and stop texting for 2 days at least...

    • yeah I know what you mean... I'm going away on Monday for a week training with my work, so I won't be texting him much then!

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    • honestly I think its time to look for a new guy if he's starting to lose interest so early. and yes he's definitely losing interest

    • hmm he definitely isn't loosing interest, I'm seeing him next week once I'm home and he has been texting me loads so its all good :)

  • i thought it might be something like that because I can't even tell you the number of times I've been away from my phone all day long. glad it's worked out

  • He is playing you