Where should I hang out with my ex?

Me and my ex are going to try to hang out this weekend, but I have no idea where we should go. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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  • Are both of you looking to hang out as just friends or as something else?

    • As something else

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    • This seems like a troublesome situation. Either it's a date or just friends hanging out.

    • Yeah but he knows we both like each other and he's really excited about us going out and I am too, ike dinner wouldn't be the best thing ya know. He wouldn't like ice skating or mini golf since he's not into sports.


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  • a public place. Not the movies because during the movie he might try something if he still has feelings for you

    • Oh well we still have feelings for each other, I just don't know where we should go

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  • Somewhere casual and non-date like. Go for coffee or something small just to talk and catch up that way it's something that friends would do and isn't going to give off that 'I want you back' vibe.