Would you text a guy these things for no reason, girls?

This girl that I was seeing for a few months (which was a perfect relationship) said, a month ago, she wasn't ready for what I want (a relationship) because of her recent past.

I'm giving her the space she needs but she can't go two days without texting me. She'll start off with something random about her day and then a little while into the convo she'll read what I say and then not respond (I have bbm). And when she doesn't respond she'll text me again hours later when she's going to bed just to say "good night" or "sweet dreams"


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  • If I where you,I try to give her some distance but not as much as she is unsure on this big decision,just for her to clear things up & reflect on what she really wants and where she wants to be with you. She likes you,no doubt, but don't push her too hard as she is not fully ready as you are.


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