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He broke up with me through text .. should I ask him to meet in person?

ok he got mad because of this sunday that I didn't went over to see him, and I preffered my friends over him ..when I got home, I tried calling him... Show More

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  • He doesn't sound very level headed if he's breaking up with you in a text because you spent time with your friends after he didn't call you. I think he wants a girl who will drop her life just to be part of his and that is no good for anyone. You are better off letting him go.

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  • Yes, you're right : nobody wants to end up things through a text! If he chose this way, he's a loser and he doesn't deserve you anymore. Wake up from your dreamland and see it: He's not worth it. It's for your own sake that you begin "No Contact". Do not contact him! The time will heal your feelings and then you will see clearly that (again) you deserve better...

  • first of all that childish on his part he should of just talk to you in person like a real man but never the less communication is the key y'all both need to sit down face to face and voice out y'all problems and come to some type of common ground to either help the relationship or ended it basically do what's best for both parties involed so set up a meeting place for you two and let him know how you feel about him and the situation and what you want to do and then listen to him and then the rest will be decided

    .. Bottom Line REAL TALK

    god Bless

  • tough one. two weeks is short. give it a month and see how it develops. you guys were not technically seeing each other at that point without a verbal agreement. but the fact that you wrote on her about him means there are extra feelings on your part. so if my last statement was true then open up the communication channel and connect, somehow, if now then forget about it. It's not meant to be and tell him that.

  • I've been the guy in this situation before, so listen to what I have to say.

    The situation I was in is very very similar to yours, in fact it's kind the similarities are creeping me out. I've never broken up with someone through a text before, I only did because I couldn't stand the anxiety of waiting, and I couldn't get a hold of her. I regretted big time.

    I was very upset and feeling very impulsive. But it was a huge mistake, I lost one of my best friends because of it.

    Send him a text saying that you want to talk. If he wants to he'll jump on it, if he is unsure he might take a day or so to respond, and if he doesn't respond then you have your answer. Don't chase him though.

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  • Move on.

  • well if he is actingl ike that, then you shouldnt even bother, there also isn't a rue that says you guys can't hang out. but maybe ask him why he got so mad?

  • 2 weeks is a short time move on to someone not so sensative.

    Seeing him in person is just giving him the chance to say that its over louder and to your face.

  • Tell him that you wanna discuss it in person but if he disagrees or ignores you then he's not man enough to handle talking about it. If he disagrees, just forget him because that's a stupid reason to break up with someone...And at least u'll know that you tried...

  • Why would you want to see him...so he could hurt your feelings in person? Wasn't it bad enough that he didn't have the courage to face you or didn't respect you enough to break up with you face to face in the first place? Why do you want to put yourself through that again?

    You said he likes to hang out with his friends most of the time instead of hanging out with you anyway. Doesn't sound very loving. It's time to move on, he obviously has. You deserve a guy that will respect you and your feelings. Go find him

  • okay first of 2 weeks to say he loves you sorry to say its not true, to break up with you thru a text its just childish and sorry for my language but stupid, the way I see it breaking up with you because you did not choose to hang out with him over your friends that is being very naive.

    The best way to close the book on this text break up is to approach him when you see him and explain the break up in person, girl he is testing you to see what you are going to do, Be the strong one and have this breakup done the right way in person and when he does expalin why tell him that breaking up thru a text is childish and to be a man and do things in person...

  • Two weeks and you think he loves you? Girl don't get your hopes up, love is such a tossed around thing these days. If he's willing to break up with you and be a prick about it (a baby also) then he really is NOT a MAN! A man does not hide behind their cell phone! That's crap! But, if you feel like you really want to try letting this relationship keep going, I suggest you meet him, tell him that you didn't mean to hurt his feelings. If he accepts your apology, then good, but if not, then he is not worth the time of day! That is so retarded!

  • In a situation like this, most likely he will not be in the mood to meet up. But if you really like him, and I know 2 weeks is such a short period of time...but love is magical, it does not have to take years to fall for someone IMO, call him or text him. When you call, does he pick up the phone? If he does, great..you two can have a calm talk and sort out the misunderstanding. If not, try text him how you feel...in a honest manner. Calmly explain what happens, how you feel now and wait for his response. If he replies or contact you, then he's still interested in the relationship, and things will go from there. If not, then it is most likely time for you to move on. I had a similar experience and things didn't work out initially, but I told him how I felt, it worked. Wish you luck!

  • Well, if he is going to be THAT immature about it then to hell with him. Keep on stepping. Are you sure you weren't dating a toddler?

  • meet him! tell him to meet u. so you two can have a normal conversation but try to remain calm if he starts to yell just tell him that you really care for him and he does the same thing to you by hanging out with his friends.so the whole conversation is stupid.


    hope it helps. god bless ur sould lol

  • if he is willing to meet in person that would be awesome things will get to be explain more you would be able to say your part of the story and he will be able to let you know how he really feels try not to push the issue maybe he needs time to rethink his decision if he really loves you he will be back to matter what! that's a promise but if he doesn't maybe things weren't meant to be.

  • Just let it go! Don't wait! Just let him go be over emotional as some young guys tend to be and what's meant to be will be!

  • you should call him and ask him to talk in person, its always better face to face as painful as the rejection may be, face to face is the best way to talk

  • Write his number on a piece of paper, lock it in a drawer and delete it from your phone so you are not tempted to message or call and then get out there with your friends and have fun. Even though you obviously really like this guy, don't beat yourself up about it. So wait, but don't actually wait in the house staring at your phone, willing it to ring! Go have some fun and if he calls it will just make your day better...not MAKE your day.

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