What should I do ladies in gents in have you gone through this before in what did yo do honestly?

Hey I met up with this guy on Sunday we both were looking for the same things friends in see where it goes from there what ever happens happen .So any ways he's a really cool guy in we both said we feel like we've none each other for years. so we had a couple drinks had sex in now I feel bad cause I want more from him already . I have a feeling that ,that was it between us I don't know but I hope not cause I really like him please help what should I do.


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  • If I had a dollar for every time a girl did this I would be rich. Why do girls insist on having a one night stand with a guy they genuinely like, then complain that they can't get anything more than sex from him? This is precisely why, from a women's perspective you should not do this. Women can't handle the emotions that come post sex. You inevitably become attached and fall for the guy and or feel guilty about what you just did. This is also why I don't advocate friends with benefits relationships. Basically this guy probably passed on you as being girlfriend material and sees you as more of a slutty girl who is only good for a hook up. If you gave it up that easily to him, what makes you think he knows you won't do that tomorrow night with another guy? If you want to date someone, having sex with them is not the way to do it. While guys may always want sex, we don't want it from a girl who we want to date, at least not right away. Of course we like easy sex, but if we're looking for a girlfriend, we want a girl who has self respect, is mature, classy, and confident. A girl who puts out on the first date is usually none of these things.


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  • kholland65 said it perfectly, really he is COMPLETELY right. I don't know why it's so hard for women to understand this very important rule. Don't have a one night stand with a guy you like. You gotta make him value you. I don't usually bother with correcting anyone's grammar, but in this case I must. Everytime you mean to say AND, you type IN. For example, "I like you AND I think we should be IN a relationship." Ok? :o)