To text or not to text?

So met a handsome guy through the net, went on our first date this weekend and hit it off pretty well. I could tell he was definitely into me as was I. He suggested we should get together in a few days and even picked the day, and I agreed to it. He dropped me off at the station and told me to text him when I got home, which I did.. he didn't text back much except did mention he had a great time and glad me met me. So now the second date day is approaching (the day after tomorrow) and I've been so anxious to text him (just to say hello) but haven't because didn't want to seem desperate or something along those lines. I have a feeling that he may possibly text me tomorrow but if he doesn't should I text him? He is going out of town for the next few weeks which is why he wanted to see me before he left... perhaps he is waiting to text me as well? What advice could you guys give me? Thanks in advance!


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  • I'd send a text. But like a reservation confirmation. Just to make sure you're both on the same page about the second date, like location, time etc. You're excited about this which is good. If it becomes unbearable, use that nervous energy to go to the gym or a jog. Make use of it, and not let it consume you and your thoughts.


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  • just text him! Can't hurt anything!