What to do to not let love die?

I'm with my boyfriend 3 years and I still love him so much like before or even more, but I see that he changes .. and I think after some time he will stop love me :( I just feel it, that he loves me less and less, I don't know why it's so that my love grows and his not, but give me some tips if you know, what to do to not let love die?


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  • I wish my grandparents were still alive to answer your question, because they were married for 60 years.

    So, you'll just have to go off of my lower number of 15.

    Now, some people will say you need to mix things up. Some people say you could go on a cruise, or do something special, and 'inject' some life into the romance.

    At the end of the day though, you'll be right back to where you started, and the "honeybird" time so to speak will start to decrease after each injection of romantic adjustments. This is not necessarily intrinsic to romance itself, indeed, some couples can be this way forever, but it is because their love didn't diminish in the first place, so they do not see any cyclical reductions in those activities.

    You have got to get to the heart of the matter and plug the drain that is letting all the water out of your bathtub. There is probably a need of his you may have once met, but now no longer meet? Think over what the possibilities may be, and ask him about him (instead of ask him about you). He might reveal some information that could be useful to you.


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  • five love languages is not perfect or all encompassing ... but its pretty good for this type of thing.

    It really helps to know what makes him feel loved, and him to know what makes you feel loved. Hopefully its all things you both enjoy, but you may have different priorities, and end up not doing things that matter a lot. Its worth taking the quiz etc.


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  • Try doing the things you guys used to do together. For example, I was feeling the same way with my fiancée a few months ago so I went and took him out to eat and hang out at the mall like we used to do when we were just getting to know each other. We try keeping the relationship new and fresh so neither of us feels like the love is lacking anywhere. It works and to this day, I feel like I'm just meeting my fiancée with all the feelings of butterflies in my tummy and catch myself smiling when I'm suppose to be mad at him lol

    just try doing both things you haven't done in a long time and new things like, lets say going out to a club and role play basically. Pretend you guys never met before and flirt, chat with other people and when you feel like the time is right make your way to him and re introduce yourself...

    good luck hun

  • Date bare important. Try candles. Surprise him with spontaneous things. Express your feeling and such. Ty something you haven't done.

  • i think that sometimes not everything lasts forever, and at young age, a relationship doesn't really last... at all... I don't know how old you are; I'm just saying :L lol

    • i'm 21 and he is 22 , don't you think it's old enough?

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    • becaus he always says don't worry .. and that's all what he can tell me. Yes we were doing it but last months we decided to stop ( he wants to wait with it till marriage) , so I haven't faintest idea what to do now?

    • thats awesome then