Girls are allowed to want a boyfriend to complete their life, to make them feel better about themselves?

but guys are not allowed to want a girlfriend to complete their life, to make them feel better about themselves. It really angers me, pisses me off, makes me jealous of girls, as to why girls have it so much easier when it comes to dating and relationships, boyfriend/girlfriend during the attraction process. Girls can be insecure and get a guy, but guys can't be insecure. Basically insecure girls can get a guy, but insecure guys will almost never get a girl. It really pisses me off. Why do guys have to better themselves more than girls do in order to be dating and relationship material? It's like, any girl can get a boyfriend, but only the "best guys" can get a girlfriend, so guys have to be a "best guy"

It's like the guy has to be a better person, have a better life, have better qualities, have more things or better things going for him than the girl does, overall, the guy has to be a "better person" overall in life, mentally, socially-wise, more so than the girl. Seriously, why do girls, women, have such high, extremely high-standards when it comes to a potential boyfriend? Girls can get validation from a guy and get away with it, but almost never the other way around, not fair, but oh well.


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  • It is the way it is a lot these things have been put in place by society but in the end, it's set for us to win.

    • set for us to win?

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    • i gave you best answer


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  • You're right

    It's sucks that women have standards and won't settle for anti social, socially awkward, unattractive retards who have no confidence. How dare we have standards.

    Anyone seeking validation by entering into a relationship is going to have a hellish awakening cause no amount of love or attention will magically make them confident, complete or happy.

    But how dare we. We should indeed settle for losers

    • hahaha that's great ^^

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    • girls seeking validation end up in relationships that last a long time you know

    • agree, a girl can be socially-awkward, lack confidence, and end up in a serious, committed, long-term relationship

  • Someone else has directed me here to answer your question. Well, I remember seeing this yesterday and I had an answer and I'll try and copy it down here. Girls have to be a certain way to get a boyfriend too! How many guys do you know that will take any girl- clingy? OK, jealous and hates girls? OK, ugly? OK, smells bad, doesn't keep up personal hygeine? sure why not, slutty? OK, and the list goes on and on. A guy would never go for a girl that is clingy, jealous, smells bad, or slutty. Why would he, if he respects himself and others around him? All people have to take responsibility for themselves and be their own best person- girls are no different when it comes to that.

    • are you saying it's easier for guys?

    • not saying it's easier for guys but that it's also hard for girls

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  • girls won't admit it, but instinctively, naturally, they do have higher standards, they have to, since they get pregnant and have to carry the baby for 9 months, they can produce a limited number of offspring in their lives, we guys can father infinite number of guys, so the reason why I guess insecurity is a bigger turn off to them than it is to us, is because they want to feel safe and protected because of the subconscious instint, they want the guy to have father qualities, they feel a secure guy will make a better father for her potential, future kids

    • you mean kids, lol

    • Here's your best answer right here. Biology makes women picky, whereas men can't afford the same failures. As a guy, you either improve first, or don't get any girls. It is a double-standard, but it is also human nature. Best answer candidate right here.

    • @moviedude, yeah my bad, I meant to say that we guys, can father an infinite number of kids

  • yeah tell me about it, a lot of guys that are insecure, have low confidence and low self-esteem, all of that could easily instantly reverse into the oppossite of that when they find out a girl is interested in them, likes them, c'mon, we guys are humans too, we want compansionship

    • It's normal to be insecure or have low confidence, but some of y'all on here take it to a whole different level.

      It isn't normal to allow it to affect your life and it's obvious that it's affected the way some users on here socialize--cause they don't socialize

    • and struggling socially hurts guys more than girls

  • Because women are expected to be flaky and're not. I see where you're coming from, but so what? If it really irritates you that much then don't even bother, find something productive to do with your time.

    • well I still really want a girlfriend, but I hate how guys are not allowed to want or need a girlfriend badly, pisses me off

  • Its all due to woman being more independent and confident in themselves, sounds kinda crude but its kinda true :/

    Now Alpha males will have a good place in society but all the other regular guys, like us, have to compete like mad just to get a normal relationship.

    All in all though, is it a BAD THING? I don't think so, I mean cmon. It's a chance for you to become a better man, a improved person in order to find a girl, sounds like a Win Win to me

    • yeah well it is too much work, so I still hate it, dislike it

  • There are more women in the world than there are men. So, just stop!

  • This is an excellent question that I've been waiting for a long time, the reason I didn't ask it was because I didn't know how to piece my thoughts in to words as well as you did.

    Sadly I think this is the way it is, but recently I've noticed that girls want to be equal to men even more each year. I've also noticed that they are starting to act more like men now. maybe they'll get sex changes too, who knows. over time they will change more and more.

    • i hate the standards that girls have of us guys

  • i guess biology, evolution plays a role here

  • I never had a problem to work hard to be a confident and successful guy. What I won't take though is some girls believing and acting like they are better than me though they haven't done squat with their lives. Sitting on your ass and being a total bitch don't count as achievements, sorry.

    • well girls can be a loser and still get a guy, but guys can't be a loser

  • The vast majority of girls that try to 'complete their life' with a boyfriend find out the hard way what a grave mistake that is. Co-dependency usually ends badly.

    • still at least the girl was able to get into a relationship, if a guy is like that, he won't even get past the first date let alone a second date