Any ladies had success with online dating?

i'm currently using the website called okcupid and so far I haven't connected with anyone. the one guy I was talking to ended up going back to his ex!

has ANYONE had luck with that site? I'm finding that guys rarely make moves and the ones who do aren't my type. the few guys who I have contacted in the past didn't seem too enthusiastic about talking.

i'm confident about my looks and have a sufficient amount of info on my profile.

tips? help?


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  • I'm not a big fan of online dating sites. Of course some people find true love on their, a friend of mine actually did, but for the most part their all weird. I joined one once and got lots of messages from guys, and out of the many many inboxs I got, I had one guy that wasn't sex crazed or a physo haha. I met one guy off a dating site who seemed wonderful, when we met he wasn't what he looked like in his picture and all he wanted me to do was put my hand down his pants! Sometimes it works but for me it definitely didn't!


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  • Patience. That's really the only tip I can give.

  • Link your profile here!


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  • i've been trying it, signed up in November

    i'm using plenty of fish, one of the free ones

    you just have to be prepared to sort through a lot of emails from pervs

    if there are settings on OK cupid to make it so that users who have messaged others for sex are blocked, that's a good idea. you can usually also make it so that only users with photos can message you, and only users in your area, or users of certain ages etc etc

    i recommend setting up those options to save yourself some time