My sister kissed with strangers at the party-she is only 17

i read my sisters private diary and she wrote somth like this "i went on the dating with some guys, but I feel awful about this all situation, I don't like this guys at all, I love HIM (a guy from her favorite band)" And she also wrote "i remember all those spontaneous drunk kisses with guys I don't even know at the party"... you think my sister is no longer virgin?


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  • I think the bigger issue that needs to be addressed is why the hell are you reading your sister's diary?

    • bcoz we do that and we both know that

  • It's certainley not a good thing to do things like that, but there's still a difference between kissing and having. I kissed a lot of guys and sometimes I was drunk too, but I haven't slept with one of them. It's just kissing after all.

    If you two have a good relationship, there's also a good chance she would talk about having sex with you. If there is a good situation you should maybe talk about her behavious though and ask why she is doing thing like that

  • Either way, it's not really any of your business.

    Rather than sneaking around reading private journals, you may want to have an honest and straightforward chat with your sister.

  • Doesnt mean she isn't a virgin, why don't you stop prying into her personal life and get a life of your own! I'm not saying don't look out for her but looking in her diary is a low thing to do.

    • she did the same, be sure

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    • maybe. I am not old enough to be mature as hell...what hell I should care what you did

    • Didnt say you should care what I did :)