Which one of the following guys would you go out with?

Guy A: Physically good looking. Handsome guy, nice muscles, broad shoulders, narrow waist, great hair, perfect teeth, nice clothes, tall, got strong arms, could be a model, very photogenic. (Or if this isn't your idea of hotness, lets say, according to your own perception the guy is just hawt hawt, whatever that means for you) However, his nonverbal behavior is such that, he seems awkward in his gait, appears nervous, flighty, shoulders hunched, appears self conscious. He's good looking, but he doesn't know it or believes it at all. Even without telling him he is good looking, you get the feeling that if you did, he would be more than just modest about it, he'd think you were lying.

Guy B: Physically average looking guy at best. Doesn't exactly make the cut for being a model, average build, average height, not exactly the best dressed, you get the feeling your friends won't go gaga for him in the looks department at all, hair is average. However, he has a confident walk and stride, he walks with his shoulders back, chin up and has a smooth smile on his face the majority of the time. You get the feeling that he himself thinks he is good looking whether people agree or not, he acts, talks, walks like he is good looking even though he is simply easy on the eyes at best. (Picture, with your own concept of what is average looking, that this guy is average looking at best)


-Both are average intelligence, make an average salary, have the same amount of friends, come from a middle income family and neighborhood and don't have "high social class" status at all.

Rate yourself as average looking or good looking. Then pick a choice, either pick an option that best describes your current relationship, or pick an option that best describes a trend in your dating life, or pick an option based on your gut feeling. Thanks.

  • Guy A: Good looking guy: And I am a good looking girl
    Vote A
  • Guy B: Average looking guy: And I am a good looking girl
    Vote B
  • Guy A: Good looking guy: And I am an average looking girl
    Vote C
  • Guy B: Average looking guy: And I am an average looking girl
    Vote D
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For guys wishing to answer this question, flip the question around and answer it like this.

Girl A: Good looking girl: And I am a good looking guy

Girl B: Average looking girl: And I am a good looking guy

Girl A: Good looking girl: And I am an average looking guy

Girl B: Average looking girl: And I am an average looking guy
Another update:

Assume they both have decent personalities, and a decent sense of humor.
(Signing) Confidence does not equal cocky in this question. By confidence I mean Guy B's nonverbal communication is that of guy with a healthy amount of confidence, who appears charming in a nonverbal way.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's really impossible to say - because in different ways - I like both things to a degree.

    But then you take either of these things to an extreme and then it just turns unattractive.

    But as they stand both of them are on equal levels of attractiveness because their personality (or what little of it you can assume from this question) balances out their looks to put them both on the same page.

    Both I guess are more attractive to me than a hot guy with the confidence of someone really, really hot.

    Or an average looking guy with no confidence.


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What Girls Said 13

  • I would rather date a guy with confidence, after first impression and you start to really get to know a guy, I think good self esteem and personality can make a average looking guy way hotter than a good looking guy. And I think feeling bad about yourself can make a guy less attractive. But I guess that's why the tricks in "the Game" works :p

  • I voted A, but now that I read the whole question I feel like I'd like the average guy more since guy A seems like he would have self esteem issues. I don't want to have to reassure a guy of how good looking he is every time we're together or him telling me how ugly and unattractive he is...

  • I couldn't say because I know nothing about their personalities. I suppose guy A is most like my boyfriend (he isn't super confident about his looks) but there is so much more to a person than just their looks.

  • C

    FOR SURE. I like men who are not too brazen/confident in themselves. I like quiet confidence.

  • I voted C.

  • guy b almost sounds like the guy I like so I guess I choose him. guy a doesn't even sound human, he has so many "perfect" attributes.

  • Hell, I don't even think I am an average looking girl but...C it is...

  • I voted D :)

  • I voted C

  • U go with guy B, I want someone who doesn't look equally cuter than me for some reason.

  • Since he's just confident and not cocky, definitely Guy B. And I'm about average so my answer is D.

  • I need someone the opposite to me. so I picked B. I am shy naturally so I would want to date someone very sure of themselves.

  • I like guys with confidence :) if guy A doesn't have it, then no thanks :p I'm a confident kind of girl so I need someone on my level or else it is no fun :/ although I wish the adverage looking guy was tall lol.


What Guys Said 2

  • E: none cause I'm not into doods. You need another option imo for that :P

  • This is fucking bullshit.

    See, all women want is a good looking guy

    And yet if we say that about a girl, were creeps.

    What a bunch of hipocrites.

    I'm only average myself so I'd expect an average looking girl.

    the girls who chose good looking guys when they are average are fucking


    • You expect an average looking girl but you probably want a good looking girl though, yes?

      You just lower your standard is all..

      Nothing is wrong with an average guy.. We just want what we're attracted too.. No crime or bitchiness in that.

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    • exactly. that's what I'm saying. yet you people on here seem to say the opposite regarding other questions,

      Hence why I said your all hypocrites.

      when I say I expect an average looking one I mean it . Its not underestimating myself if I know for a fact what I look like .

    • "Girls are shallow, Guys are shallow, the only thing deep is the vagina the d*** goes into" --GuyAdviceFromGuy