Can a guy love two girls at once?

can a guy love two girls at the same time? he told me at the start he still loved her and had tried to get back with her but she had a boyfriend...he seemed to then talk about her less and less and chased me and I could tell he liked me a lot and it wasn't an act...maybe he was over her? or liked us both? I'm hoping he didn't only want her and I was second choice


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  • You can love hundreds of people. Well, maybe if you're Mother Teresa. But you can love many people.

    But be IN love? That's only one person. If you are truly IN love with someone, you don't WANT anyone else. If he says he loves two women, then each fills a void that the other can't - he is in love with neither.

    Or, he's using it as an excuse to be a player.

    • no he only chased me for months,he said he liked me a lot but not that he loved me as we never met because I wouldnt,thankyou

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    • It may have been a lie. But don't let that taint your memories. Treasure what you felt when you spoke to him, and everything you thought he was. Don't let your discovery of the truth now taint what you felt then. Just remember the good times.

    • it was not a lie...i spoke to his family and friends and everything,he really did proper like me even though he still had feelings for her...but thankyou I will do

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  • Love ? No

    Fooling around .. YES!

  • not in the same way


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  • I don't believe so unless its his kids along with his wife