Does it mean anything that this girl always says goodnight?

We have been dating for a couple weeks and it's been going great! So when we are texting and I end the conversation she always says something like "alright have a good day :)" or "ok have a goodnight!". Does that mean anything? Just curious...


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  • Um.. I think she's just trying to be polite/end the convo in a respectful/thoughtful way ...what else do you think it means ? :$

    • If she didn't like me why would she say that every time? That's what I'm trying to see haha

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    • Yea it's a little complicated. She isn't sure if she is ready for a relationship...she has never been in one before. I was her first kiss and after the kiss she said she isn't quite ready to go to kissing yet. So I'm just trying to find hints she wants a relationship...

    • well.. I always sayy goodnight/goodmorning to all my huy friends :$ and I have no feelings for them ... maybe she just means what she says :p


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  • yea it means have a goodnight, or day. sometimes when girls say somthing it IS just what it sounds like, no hidden meaning...

  • It's just a good way to end a conversation.

  • I think she is just being courteous and nice, which is good because it seems she has consistantly really likes you but other than that I don't think it means much


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