Am I odd for going to my prom alone?

my prom is in April and I already have my dress and everything, I just don't have a date. I want to ask this one boy, but he's not interested. so is going to the prom alone weird? this is my first and last prom since it's my senior year and I wasn't allowed to go last year. I don't dance or socialize, I'm just going to go because I might regret it when I'm older and, to be honest, I just want one normal high school experience. and I don't want people to tease me (as if they already don't) that I couldn't get a date.


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  • Well it's not a bad thing that you don't have a date, people go stag to prom all the time. That being said you really sound like someone who's largely affected by others' views and what they say about you, and if they already have sh*t to say then they'll say all the more for this. I mean if you want to go right ahead, but don't do the whole "well it's a once in a life time chance, so I have to do it" because that's bullsh*t. If you climb to the top of a mountain that you'll probably never see again should you jump off the face of it because you'll never get the opportunity for the rest of your life?


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  • You should ask the one boy that you do have in mind; he may end up getting interested ?

    Even if he says no, you can always still attend without a date.

    Please remember, weird, is always someones elses opinion. Wether others think it odd or weird should not really matter a whole lot. Most people you know now will likely not be in your life in 5 years. Everyone moves on to other life situations.

    Enjoy your prom, even if you go witout a date.

    • even if we could go as friends, his parents wouldn't allow it. he already knows I like him anyway.

  • Go by yourself. Senior prom is one of those things you don't want to miss out on. I've never heard someone say they were happy they didn't go to their prom. It will be nice to hang out with your friends and have fun.

  • Going my yourself is an ultra cool thing to do. A lot of people won't do it. It shows you are confident enough in yourself to do it and not be bothered.

    Go for it, and good luck!


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  • I wouldn't say your odd for going by yourself. At my prom, there were girls who didn't have a date with them, but they went together as a group and they danced with lots of guys and didn't seem bothered by it. If your a little embarrass about not having a date (even though I don't think you should be) then don't let it show or tell people things like, "Im going alone because I couldn't get a date" Just go with your girlfriends, look hot and have a good time.

    I hope you enjoy your prom! :D

    • i can't really go with friends because they are either not going or they're going with their boyfriends/girlfriends so I'd be alone the entire time.

    • Maybe when your there you should steal someone's date ;) I'm just kidding. @ my prom, I didn't dance with my prom date the entire time, so maybe one of your friends will dance with you or maybe you will meet a guy there. I just don't remember everyone dancing with just their prom date the entire time. make sure you look really hot & you might catch someone's eyes. make every guy that could've asked you but didn't kick themselves 4 not asking u, seeing that you look so damn hot.