Would you mind going to a quiet bar just talking and having some drinks as a first date? -girls

Would you mind going to a quiet bar just talking and having some drinks as a first date? -girls


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  • Personally, I don't drink, so going to a bar wouldn't be my first choice. I don't mind if a guy drinks, but I'd have more fun if the date venue didn't revolve around alcohol. However, it depends a lot on the individual bar. If it's an elegant place I could have fun just being there and enjoying the atmosphere. But if it's at all dingy, I'll be miserable. Obviously the main point of a date is getting to know the person, but I do think it's important to find an activity/ venue that pleases both parties.

    • Indeed, I have already decided the place and it's somewhat classy and very calm so you can talk, not too classy though.

    • Is there such a thing as "too classy"? Haha, I think that might defeat the definition of the word. But that sounds good, quiet is good.


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  • i'm always hesitant to go to a bar for a first date because I don't want the guy to be drinking and driving, esp if he picks me up and will be driving me home as well

    if you can walk to the bar for the drinks, or catch a bus to get home then I'm cool with it, but otherwise, I like to keep the first date mostly sober

    • I was just thinking about like one drink, and yes, I will be taking the bus ^^

    • then that sounds like a nice thing to do

  • No that sounds really nice! I personally don't drink alcohol if that's what you mean by "a drink" but yeh that does sound fun, tho I would only be up for it if the "drink" was a fanta or a pepsi, or maybe some ice tea. I love ice tea, yummm :-D

    • I agree, but I was thinking about just buying her a drink, not getting drunk or anything x) if she accepts that is

    • But I NEVER drink any alcohol ever ever ever, then again that is a personal choise some people make, maybe she isn't as much against alcohol as I am :-P it sounds really nice tho, have fun! :-)

    • I respect that =) Thank you!

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