When to call a girl after getting her number?

So I got a girl's number (she gave it to me just to be clear), seemed into me, we chatted and I thought things went good. Generally should I call her first? Send a text message first to say Hi and then call her a day or two later? I don't want her to feel its easy... so should I wait a few days or a few days after we first talk before I call her or a week or so?


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  • Do not text. Call the girl. Do not wait too long, as in more than a week because the girl will be wondering when you will/will not call her. If you are interested in her I say give it a day or two and then call her. Then ask her out to get coffee or meet at a local lunch place wherever you both live and ask her if she would like to accompany you... say you are in the area/will be in the area and wanted to know if she wanted to meet up. That way you can gage how she acts in a causal setting. We(girls) would prefer something low key because we are constantly thinking or trying to gage how to act in a more out to dinner or fancier event...it will help to give you and her a start to getting to know each other.. girls like to take things slow... all good things will come in time.

    Good Luck!

    • The thing is she lives across the bridge which is a ways - its fine. I stayed on the train 10 stops longer to get her number. I think I would cross over to meet her over there.. I really don't have have any other reason to go over... not sure if I should call and say "Hey just in the area.. wanna meet up?" will work. Flat out I'm on the train 30 minutes to see her. I did mention this pizza place I knew in her town that she never heard of... I thought about going there... its a nice place...

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    • What if I say something like I was planning to go there and wanted to ask if she wanted to go along? Hmm no.. well I should flat out say it? "Hey I remember that pizza place [ I was talking about it] would you like to go with me to check it out?"

    • Yes, flat out ask! What you were planning to ask is perfect. Its a bit difficult to ask and make a move, but in the end you will be happy with the result. Take it from a girl who made all the moves and is close to dating a guy...out of friend zone and girlfriend...now.ish... girls are happy when men are to the point and not wishy, washy...beating around the bush.


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  • I personally wouldn't text, but actually call! It may be the 21st century and all, but many women still like it old-fashioned. Give it a day or two after and just chat! If it seems to go well, recommend going out for a quick lunch. That way, there isn't a huge commitment on either of your parts and see where it goes from there!

    • What if she lives kind of a bit away like across the bridge? Better for me to go to her or her to come to me?

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    • I live in a fairely famous city and its big, no one has a car, everyone takes metro. Going to her is fine. There's a pizza place that's pretty cool. Reasonable?

    • Ah, that explains it better; I had no idea what you meant by across the bridge! And it sounds great! It's casual and can be very fun. Good luck!

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  • How about you don't worry? Talk to her as soon as you want to and try for a meet up. Play it cool.