What should I do to make this better, and how do I attract better men?

Im young and 18 years old, I've had plenty of serious relationships believe it or not. But all the men I have been in a relationship every single one of them have proposed to me. And I am just not ready for that so I break it off.. I like three guys at the moment... I know it sounds bad but it just happened. 1st guy: my ex from my freshman year in high school, we started talking again after almost 4 years later. 2nd guy: a coworker I work with. 3rd guy: I met at a bar and kinda just wants me for sex and all that. I don't really know what to do I kinda don't want anyone of them but I'm too nice to break it off.. what should I do and why do these guys keep proposing?


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  • A guy that met you at a bar and just wants you for sex propsed to you...?

    • No no we only met a week ago. That guy just wants sex from me.

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  • Lol this question is funny. I know you think you're mature now and have had so many serious relationships but tbh as you get older you'll look back and laugh at yourself and how immmature you were

    • Probably no doubt about it!