Have you ever dated someone of a different culture than you?

what were your experiences? what culture are they from and what are you? how did that work and how long did you last?

note: this could include interracial relationships, but is not limited to interracial relationships. you could be of the same race but have a different culture because they or their parents originate from a diff country


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  • Well you could say that really everyone has a different culture. A military family has a different culture than civilian families. Also close knit families have a different cultures than broken families, etc. So yes, I've dated people who have different cultures in that aspect, but also as it relates to ethnicity. I'm European American, and I've dated guys who were Mexican American and Asian American. Both relationships worked out well. There were some communication barriers with the parent's of the Asian guy I dated because their English wasn't totally great, but it was fine. The relationship lasted a good year. The relationship with the Mexican guy was also good. His different background didn't affect our relationship negatively or anything. I really learned a lot and appreciated the time I spent with him. That relationship lasted a year and a half.


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  • Never been with anyone remotely close to my culture and I kinda never want to haha. I'm middle eastern but I love other cultures so I choose to date girls from cultures not the same as mine and I've been with many different cultures. For the most part things always work between us.

  • Yes I have. I am Russian, and she was from Switzerland. It was years ago. And to be honest, I liked her more as a person etc. more then any other Russian girls. I am half russian and half from central Europe, and I have been people from overseas like all my life. And frankly I find white girls from other countries more appealing to me then Russians, may be because of the character, personality if you will.


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  • Every guy I've dated has been of either a different race or culture, coincidentally.

  • My boyfriend of a year and a half is white and I'm chinese. My family hates him. I didn't have the right to come home late, to go to a guy's place or to sleep over. I never did until I met him, he's my first boyfriend. We thought about breaking up so many times. And then one day, my family and I had a big fight. Ten people were there shouting at me in chinese when I came home. My boyfriend was with me, he coulnt understand a word any my family won't even let him speak. But I told my family that I'm an adult now and I have the right to make my own decisions. It was hard to make them understand. Even now, they don't totally accept it. But eventually, things are going to be better. Him and my family= disaster. Him and me= Love. I can just hope things gonna work out between him and my family in the future.