Where is the best place to sit in a pub if a woman wants to meet new men?

Should I sit at the corner of the bar, by the wall, in chair at a high top table? Where do you men look first?


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  • Quester has some good advice. One key point though. Make yourself appear approachable. By this I mean make sure that if you are with other women they are not giving off a different vibe. (like they are not interested in meeting guys) Other interested single women are your best bar buddies.

    If a guy is comfortable with approaching women the first thing he usually does is try to single out a girl from the rest of her friends so you can talk. If it looks too difficult (you are surrounded by women with their back to him) he probably won't try. It looks like a hoard of bodyguards. This is especially daunting to guys that aren't good at approaching women. I'd recommend going with two women, if at all. That way the other two have someone to talk to when your guy approaches. Whereas one friend will be a third wheel. Don't sit or stand in a huddle!

    Sit or stand at the bar or near it, in the middle. Interested men will look anywhere but its the most obvious. Corners and walls are for people who want to be left alone or lack confidence. Tables say "I'm with my friends over here, leave us alone" or "I'm waiting for someone." Try to have an open space next to you if you are at the bar so guys can come up and order drinks. (next to you) Chat them up. Its completely ok to ask a guy to buy you a drink if he doesn't ask and if you feel up to it. Above all, look like you're having fun.

    Also, if you do go alone, pick a decent bar and tell someone your plans and that you will call them later to let them know you are ok. (There are creeps out there...)

    This also begs the question, are you sure a bar is the best place to meet a "good" guy anyway? You can try a yoga class, or a gym, or a market, etc. Its harder but the quality people are in quality places, so to speak. Good luck, hope it helps.

    • Just one correction-don't ask the guy to buy you a drink. Or rather, I wouldn't do it. Remember you're an independent woman. And some guys are so lacking in the gentleman department that they'll expect something in return for the drink.Otherwise good job.

    • I definitely see your point. I guess I was just thinking it was a given to use discretion.

    • Oops, I hit the wrong icon!!!! This was not offensive and I don't know how to fix this! I am soooo sorry!!!!


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  • Anywhere in the bar should be fine. Just look up, make eye contact, and don't sit down looking at your drink cause normally if I see that, I assume the girl doesn't want to talk; but those that are actively scanning the room, those are the ones I know that came out to meet guys!

  • Oh man this is easy. Everyone's advice below was good, and you should take heed to all of it. A girl with a drink standing by herself near a guy is the universal "come talk to me" sign. That and/or eye contact or a smile is it. Try online dating or church singles for better odds for finding a "good" man.

  • i'd say walk to the ladies room to go to the bathroom and send a few smiles to guys that interest you. then go sit by yourself at the bar.


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  • At the bar I think. It depends on ow attractive you are, how you are dressed, which kind of men you want to get involved with. Lately, I get hit on by so many people, that it's actually getting annoying... Never mind me.

    Just get in the game, strut your stuff, put on some make-up, wear something dressy but not too showy, and SMILE, or rather be approachable, then it doesn't matter where you are seated. People will be attracted to your attitude and the way you carry yourself :)

    Good luck!