How often to contact a girl?

So I'm pretty sure she likes me...we are dating, we have fun together, and when we text she has long responses. A few days ago I texted her two days in a row, then I took a day off without texting her and she texted me first the next day(which was yesterday). So should I text her again today or give it another one day gap? We are on spring break... I hate texting but will only do it because I want to keep in contact with her because I really like her. And no, she doesn't want to talk on the phone while she is at home. So should I text her today or tomorrow? And just more generally, how often to contact a girl?


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  • I'm with you on the texting, I hate texting I prefer a call because you can just end the conversation there, as for a text in can carry till the next day. I had your same problem with my ex tho. I suggest just texting her to make her happy, I did it just to make him happy and so he knew I was her for him no matter what. You can just tell her your not a big texter and say I want to say hey and see how your doing not everyday! That can be annoying in my opinion, then you guys will have nothing to talk about. But just text her and tell her about how you feel about the texting.

  • everyday. and call her too don't just text... I love when guys call me everyday too :)


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