Guys: How many opportunities to get laid/have a relationship have you missed out on?

Now that I think about it there have been so many girls that have really been obviously into me but I was too scared to make a move on them. I can think of around 10 girls off the top of my head within the last 2 years.

What about you?


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  • I didn't count but maybe too many. I still remember one little number from freshman year of college. She had big eyes, that kind of square hairstyle that made her look like a cat, and she even had huge boobs. Also she laughed at all my jokes no matter how lame. We were only sort of classroom acquaintances. I should be punched in the face for not pursuing that.

    • Dude same here. I had this one FINE Asian cutie that was really shy and into me (I absolutely adore shy girls and Asian girls). Like every time we would leave class she would try and talk to me. One time she turned around as she was walking in front of me to say bye and smiled and I just stood there like a dumbass. I am such a f***ing idiot lmao!

    • This girl that I'm talking about was a blond but I do remember another Asian girl, she used to wear something like a business suit but she looked 14. Looking back she had to be interested but I just stood back like an idiot. Yeah, this stuff sucks, but it's best to forget it and not think about it now.


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  • 5 or 6

  • Countless times lol cause I don't spit game, I just be me and I prefer women who make the first move. Much better to have it given to you than chasing it