After hook-up texting?

Basically had a really great time with this guy at a party but the hookup was awful- or at least I don;t remember much. for example I know I puked a lot and in the morning (I puked again) and it was a semi-awkward goodbye.

He texts me 3 days later asking about some stuff that we lost that night (his shirt and my jacket) he had this whole conversation with me like: I hope we find our stuff! Your jacket was so nice! Ill keep a lookout for it.

and I told him I'd let him know if I find his shirt ever.

Does his texting me mean anything? Or his he genuinely looking for his shirt? cause it is just a shirt, it wasn't expensive or anything, didn't feel like necessary for him to text me.


He never texted me back but I saw him at a vollyball game and he said hello first and also sat behind me for a while, and starting conversation about my shoes (we had the same ones)...but then he left with a group of girls after the game.

sounds kind of like a player. but he could have sat on the other side of his friends (plenty of room) and not right behind me with his legs front over the seat between us.

any thoughts?
THEN!... the next morning he saw me waiting for the bus on campus and offered me a ride to work (he was heading to work too).


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  • It could be something, it could be nothing. See if he keeps texting after y'all find your missing clothes or when y'all decide they're lost for good. If he keeps in touch, it's a good sign. Feel free to initiate conversation yourself if you are interested, but I wouldn't more than once or twice a day to come off as aggressive in case he's still on the fence. Best of luck with whatever outcome you're hoping for!

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      What if he never texts back?

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      If he never texts back, he probably found what he was missing and that's all the first text was about.