Can you give me your opinion on my first kiss story?

OK so I had my third date with a girl I really like last night. We had dinner at my place and then I could tell after she was preparing for me to kiss her at some point because I saw her put chapstick on her lips. She also kept twirling her hair. I couldn't bring myself to do it though. We went outside and I couldn't do it at her car either. So I was ticked off that I had chickened out. So about 15 minutes later I texted her saying, Hey can I stop by real quick, I forgot to give you something before you leave on break. She says OK and I go there. She opens the door and I come in say yeah I had to do something before you left and then I kissed her. I thought it was great and spontaneous and shows I really care about her.


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  • That is the most sweetest thing I have heard in a long time. That is something from a movie, great job! girls pray for moments like that! :)


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  • ohh that's so cute

    i like that

    good idea!

    (but putting on chap stick doesn't necessarily mean she's preparing to kiss you, she might just be putting on chap stick)

    • how did she respond to that?

    • She liked it a lot because she kissed me back. I don't think I did as good of job as I could have because that was the first time I have ever kissed a girl, but she said we'll practice. I'm so glad I did it, because if I didn't I'm not sure she would've given me another chance. And now I think this won't ever be forgotten, whereas doing it the cliche end of the night way I don't think would've meant as much.

  • I'm lovin' it, it is one of the sweetest moment, that girl should cherish!

  • Aw.that's sweet I like how you went back!


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