Girls, how often do you tell a guy he's a great kisser?

whether your in a relationship, dating, hooking up or whatever floats your boat...

How often would you tell a guy he is a great kisser? meaning do you just throw it out there just because (i.e. lie) or do you only say it/save it for those that it really applies to?

Also, same questions but apply them to sex. Such as going down on you and fingering you. Do you just throw the "your great at it" for no reason or only when its true

Do you ever forget about those guys that were great at certain things? does anything make you think of them?


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  • I am fairly blunt. If you can't kiss, I will tell you you can't but we could work on it, if I like him enough! I can't say that I do forget, it's my flaw I guess! When I really like someone anything that makes me smile often brings a fond memory of him or someone dear to my heart.


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  • I ONLY compliment a guy on his kissing or bedroom skills if I mean it. Whether or not I forget about them, though, really just depends on the situation. Did we date? Was it a one-night stand? Am I currently involved with someone and not thinking about anyone else?

  • At times I rember but I never let them know enough


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