Promised I'd take my cousin's best friend to prom, I'm 23!

So I was driving my cousin and her best friend around the mall and junk and they started to talk about prom and other stupid high school sh*t. Anyhow the topic of who they were going with came up and my cousin is taking her boyfriend but her friend said she'd probably go alone. So they got all sad and then my cousin suggested that instead of going alone I should take her. Now I love my cousin like a little sis so after initially telling them no she got all sad and I just caved in and said if her friend didn't get a date then yes id go with her but shed have to try to find someone else. And on their Facebook they were all like "yeah we have prom dates!" I'm like wtf they didn't even try to find someone else. Her friend isn't even ugly if she were 20 id date her but she's only 17 or 18. Can a 23 year old go as her date? I'm really not looking forward to buying that flower thing or renting a tux. Should I tell her that its not a good idea for me to go or should I just stick to my promise and take her friend? Please help!


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  • There's an age limit usually. At my high school it was 20. She has to get a permission slip for you to go I'm guessing and at that time they'll tell her the age limit if there is one. Do you have any younger friends or relatives who'd be a bro and go? I think its best if you don't take her honestly especially if she's 17.

    • I completely agree with you, I don't see why she can't find a date.

    • Eh its not always easy to find one lol.

    • Im sure a girl like you wouldn't have any problem finding a date ha ha ;)


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  • no nothing wrong with that, you probably don't look that much older than them, so they probably won't care.

    • Yeah I've been confused for an 18/19 year old many times

  • I don't think there's anything wrong, but maybe you should ask the school how old you have to be just in case.

  • I don't think you can

    Some schools have an age limit

    • Really? Oh man that would be great, that way it would be the schools fault not mine! Haha

    • Lol! I love how happy you are about that

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  • I would probably go. But that's because I don't like to break promises. Maybe try talking to her and telling her you want to be more casual and just wear some dress pants and a nice shirt or something instead of going all out and buying a tux. And you don't have to buy a corsage, at least at my proms hardly anyone ever did.

    • Yeah you're right it would be f***ed up to break a promise I made, but id definitely take a tux, I dot think her friend would appreciate it if I half assed it haha

  • Do you plan on banging your cousins friend? No? Then what's the problem?

    Have fun.

    And if there's an age limit, fukit then. You tried to help out.

    • No I've known her for a while so she's kind of like family

  • Idk about where you live but, they check your ids, where I live and if your 21 or over they don't let you in. So id check on that first. If you can go, just why not go. Your helping your cousin out and her friend.

    • Socal, and yeah I suppose it wouldn't be the worst way to spend a day

  • How hot is she? And is she 18?

    • Lol she's cute, and I'm not sure how old she is

    • You should find out! And you should probably go!