Why would you not go back to a guy that only made you happy and you liked a lot when you were ready?

if you stopped seeing a guy after a few months of dating, not because of him but because of your own personal reasons, would you tell him/hint to him you wanted to start seeing him again when you felt ready or would you give some other guy a chance before going back to a guy that you liked a lot and that made you happy with no bumps or problems


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  • i was in that situation. I stopped you because of my own reasons. I stayed in love with him for 3 years we were not together, I didn't see anyone else, inbetween.. were together now.

    No. I would not go off with someone else, if he was available, if I ended things _not_ because of him. that would be irrational. imo.


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  • I tried and HE changed... The trust wasn't there and he wouldn't try making it work, he just wanted to be hook ups, which really hurt. Before he was totally in love with me:/ Things I guess, will never be the same, I still think about him constantly.

    • why did you stop seeing him?

    • many reasons, I was going through a lot, plus I was young and didn't know how to handle real life issues... I needed him to be there for me.. I thought I was making it obvious but really I was just playing games(like being mad/depressed around him without telling him why) He didn't respond the way I wanted him to, and thought he didn't care, when really he was just confused and didn't know what I needed. I'll just sum it up to we were young... But I still think we could work out if we tried..

  • Relationships aren't one sided

    If she doesn't feel it the it doesn't matter what you do or feel

  • If the guy wanted me back and I wasn't in a relationship with anyone else then ya maybe I would consider it, and the relation with him would be better because I would see what went wrong the first time around...theres always a possibility, unless you know that things wouldn't work out again and that there's no point. It just depends on the circumstances


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