First kiss stories (if you were 18 or older)?

did you get your first kiss when you were 18 or older? what was it like? What was going on in your head? :)


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  • My first kiss was a total miss. It was after my eighth grade formal dance and my boyfriend's parents took me home and he walked me to the door. Actually, he got to the top step of my porch, said bye and started walking away! So I said get back here and I grabbed him by the neck with my hand (shoes in the other) and kissed pretty much the right side of his mouth. Not even directly on his mouth! And then my dad came out and I ran inside. I didn't even say goodnight! And that was my first and only kiss so far. :3


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  • I'm still waiting for my first kiss :)

  • My first kiss was a girl that was drunk at my friends house.

    Halfway through my awkward attempt to kiss her she threwup in my mouth!

    I remember the taste of bile that shot up my nose as I gagged!

    My first kiss has haunted me forever!


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  • I was over 18. I was nervous because I was a late bloomer but it was ok

  • my first kiss was long before I was 18... but the first kiss I ever had that meant anything happened when I was 18. I remember it was amazing. we had been hanging out for weeks, but due to unusual circumstances, we weren't able to kiss yet. when we finally could, I remember him coming to pick me up at my house, running at me, picking me up, swinging me around, and kissing me. it was precious. haha