Her boyfriend and I text, and I'm wondering if...

She knows or if he tells her. He always flirts when she's not around and texts me alot, even late nights. He flirts via text too. Whenever we are alone, his girlfriend gets mad. I have no feelings for him because he's practically my best friend. Once she blew up because we were standing "really close" to each other. He apologized for her and said that I shouldn't worry because he's known me longer and that she should know better, considering the fact that she's my friend. He has called me cute and all that. Now I'm wondering why he flirts and text me when his girlfriend is my friend. We don't text anymore because we don't see each other. But last time I ran into him from far away, he waved and whistled. Does she know about this? And why did he do that with me?


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  • My first guess would be that he want to get out of the relationship or to bang you both at once.

    Second guess would be that he just wants to treat his best friend equally as he does to his Girlfriend .


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  • lol end it. I have this guy who still flirts with me, we dated, it's over. I know he's been hitting on other girls. move on. there's others out there.

    why go back to one who is obviously a wanker? he's got a girlfriend and hitting up and wants to hook up with you. open the eyes and run, far far away.