I'm In A Love Lockdown Between Two Girls?

I have had some real trouble trying to figure out my problem with the two girls I am interested in. I know I may sound like an idiot who doesn't know what he wants, but I do know what I want. I want a good relationship with a girl, not just all about sex, but a real loving relationship. The problem is that I can't just choose one without having some kind of consequence. So please, I need people's opinions. Put yourself in my shoes, and take a choice for yourself if this was your situation.

Girl B: I am actually in love with this girl. We have known each other since 5th grade, and have been neighbors that whole time. We get along great together, whether alone or not, and I can always make her laugh/smile. She is a very beautiful girl, but I am mostly in love with her personality, and her attitude towards life. She's very active with friends, family, and synchro swimming. I see her 5 days a week for most of every day, and during those hours I feel like she may be feeling the same for me. She looks at me across the room, walks close to me (closer than to other guys), and laughs at a lot of whatever I say. She seems like a shy girl, though, because sometimes she won't do any of those things one day, and do them increasingly the next. If I text her she'll carry on the conversation with a question. When I pass her in the hall, she'll quickly glance at me, maybe do a doubletake, and whisper "Hey" with a smile. She's confusing me, so I have never asked her on a date.

Girl M: I've only known her since the beginning of the school year. She seems to like me, but doesn't show a lot of the signs that Girl B shows. She will laugh at almost everything I say, but when she talks to me she has limited words. I actually did ask her on a date, and we went to a movie. She had her arms crossed in the beginning but then put them on her lap. She didn't look at me during the movie (she already has seen it) unless I were to say something. If I guessed at something in the movie plot, she would look at me with a smile and shake her head no. At the end of the date, I only got a hug, but that may be because it was just a first date. We text a lot, about random things, but don't see each other a whole lot during the day.

I'm on the brink of love insanity. Because of these two girls, my love life hasn't been fulfilled, as I don't want to hurt either of them. Yes, I am a clueless idiot, but please... help this idiot out.


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  • Okay, so it sounds like you like girl B a lot more than you like girl M, although, you've got to consider, if you like B that much, would you sacrifise your friendship, because, chances are, your relationship won't last forever.

    Girl M sounds like she likes you, as that is typical behaviour on a first date.

    Hmm, since I'm a girl I can't really say what I would do in your situation, but I think the best thing to do is to ask girl B out on a date, and see if it feels right or not, if it does, ask her out on another one and see how it goes.

    If not, ask girl M out on another one.

    Don't be shy, they both sound like they like you :)


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  • Honestly I think you should ask Girl B out on a date and it seems to me like she's more into you then Girl M...but seriously think you should think about which girl you think you can see youself with for a while and try to follow your heart. Good luck!

  • You should take each of them to the movies separetly as friends. See who you feel the most attracted to and who you feel the best vibe with. Also notice which girl seems more into you.

  • Girl B. for sure.

    it just seems like she has a genuine interest in you!

    Girl M seems nice and all, but I think you definitely click with B. : )

  • Follow your heart. If you want a genuine, loving/caring, REAL relationship then I would go with Girl B. She seems real and down to earth. She seems like a good girl. I just think she is shy so you are going to have to stand up and be a man and ask her out.


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