Kissing basics, signs, and etiquette?

So me and this girl had our first date. I kissed her on the cheek and she seemed so taken in the moment by it. She was so happy. Anyway I was wonder what date I should go for the actual kiss? Also what are the signs a girl wants to kiss? What would make that kiss the most romantic kiss in the world?

Thanx for any help


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  • Aww cute! So I think you should kiss her at the end of the next date if things are going well... if yall are holding hands etc... If she wants you to kiss her she will look at your lips a lot and find ways to touch your arm and chest.. At first kiss her gently (dont ram your tongue down her mouth ) you will be abe to tell if she's comfortable and wants more if she seems into it then kiss her w a little more heat Good Luck!


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  • you feel it by Physical contact.: Her hand brushes across your arm or hand. Her nails rake across your palm when handing something to her. She stumbles and holds on to you for support. Also By means of Eye contact. She locks eyes with you. She explores your face with her eyes and spends time looking at your lips and last She may adjust your collar. This is a very strong sign. When she does this, she’s taking possession of you.

    • not sure about your collar reference but OK your over 18 maybe you know a litlle more than me

  • U'll feel when the moment is right

  • Eye contact and ans silence


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