Should we break up and be friends? or not?

My boyfriend of only a month says he wants to keep dating me but he has this recurring thought that we should be friends. This is not the first time he's told me. The first time I let us be friends but it didn't even last 24hours. And actually we have dated before but broke up for his emotional reasons. I gave him a second chance because he's Hess great guy and that's hard to find. I really like him. I can see us having a long term relationship if we just try.

On the other hand my mom knows everything about this relationship. She believes I need to let him go. Maybe its pride, maybe I'm making excuses not to be single but I am taking these answers into consideration so please I'd like good advice. Thank you


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  • I think your mom is right. You are probably hanging on because it's comfortable. Let it go. Love shouldn't be this complicated, friends, dating, friends, dating...WTF? That's no way to be.

    You already know the answer here, don't you, girl? You are so darn cute that you can have any boy you want. Now, get out there & get 'em!

    Good Luck!


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  • I'm thinkin' he's nuts.


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  • if he is telling you he doesn't want to be your boyfriend then he doesn't want to be your boyfriend. you're setting yourself up to be hurt.