People who have a hard time opening up, how do you date?

I have a hard time trusting people and opening up to them. It looks like I am going to be facing the end of my current relationship, which really hurts me. The thought of having to open up to a new person all over again is very frightening. What do you do to overcome this fear?


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  • In my opinion, you have one life and it is too short to worry about getting hurt. So (in my opinion), wear your heart on your sleeve.

    Basically, YOLO. Not going to waste my one life being reserved and guarded.

    Risk (healthy risk, I am nor saying do drugs) and a mixture of positive and negative emotions is what makes life exciting and fulfilling.

    Stop trying to avoid pain and risk. Life without it would be too boring.

    Let pain build you and make you wiser.


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  • First the thing that matters is asking yourself if you actually want to be in a new relationship. There is no shame in being single for a while and no need to just jump right into another relationship before your ready. But when you are ready to open yourself to another relationship the best way to overcome an fear is having sufficient motivation to allow yourself to succeed.

    I would suggest a mantra.

    "A lack of honest communication murders relationships"

    Its the truth but most importantly it is sufficiently dire to be properly motivational.

  • Trust is hard. No matter who it is. Even trusting a sibling or parent. I would encourage you to have healthy boundaries. You dont have to let anyone in too fast. But you do want to get to know people. I think it says something good about you that you are thinking this way. Hang in there.

  • I don't date at all. I don't trust people.


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  • Give it some time. People hurt you only if you allow them to hurt you and relationships fail because you probably didn't protect your personal limits. Many women when in love become doormats and that's when the guys walk all over again. So if you decide that you are awesome and that you are not a doormat.. that's when it will be safe to love again.