Everyone keeps saying that I should ask her to prom?

there this girl who likes me and everyone keeps saying that I should ask her to prom. but I really don't like her. do you guys think I should ask her to prom? I am thinking of looking for someone else to go for prom should I tell the girl who likes me that I don't like her back or should I just ask this other chick without saying anything to the first chick?


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  • Prom is not a marriage proposal or a commitment to be someone's boyfriend. If she's your friend, then you can ask her (I'm sure she'd be thrilled). You can even say something like, "I want Prom night to be drama free, and you're super fun and a really good friend. Do you want to go with me?" that way she'll know that you're asking her as a friend. However, it's totally cool if you want to ask someone else. This is your prom night. Prom is a big deal...until you graduate and go to college, but that's another story. Decide what kind of prom night you want and ask accordingly.

  • I think you should take whoever you want to take to prom. Remember that prom is a special night and you don't want to ruin it by taking someone you don;t like. And in my opinion your not require to tell the girl who likes you that your not taking her to the prom, unless she's your friends and you talk to her. the fact that she likes you has nothing to do with you and should not interfere with your life.


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