My friend's boyfriend kissed me on ear, was it strange?

I was with my friend and her boyfriend in my room, they both are my friends, we were watching movie and I saw that he is kissing her on ear , she said to me" that's nice feeling, want you see?" and told her boyfriend to show me and kiss me like this too,. I allowed him to do this but I felt really strange when she was sitting near and he doing thisr, I was kinda shocked. Was it normal or are my friends strange? what should I do if next time will happen something like this?


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  • Yeah that sounds a little strange. If you're not comfortable with it then all you have to do is say "no thanks."

  • They both seem very comfortable with you, I don't know if I would go tell my boyfriend to kiss another girl to show her how it feels, but I guess its OK if there isn't any insecurities. Next time, if you don't really want it, just tell them. Say "no thanks" or that he doesn't need to do it.