Socially, conversationally and verbally inexperienced?

Pretty sure conversationally isn't a word, but I think you guys get the point:P Just a social problem for me right now. There is a reason for it, and I don`t want to get into details with that right now, but I dealt with that problem and right now I need help with the social part. I have friends and all that, it`s like I`m a creepy little kid who stares at people, I just don`t really know how to start a convo or maintain one. Regardless of what I've went threw emotionally in the past, I've always been able to joke around or ask questions and I`m not necessarily shy, I just don`t know what are the things I should say. I find this weird, but I find that I seem to get along better with adults than students my age, which is weird, I think it`s because they ask me questions of my interests and I`m able to talk about that. But, with students, or my friends or girls, I can crack a joke or something but I can`t make conversation, I don`t really know how to approach them. The few people I am able to converse with is one of my childhood friends with whom I grew up with and conversations are easy because it`s like were brothers, but even with him, the conversation will eventually end sooner than it could or should. Is because I lack some sort of intelligence or understanding haha? Am I slow? I don`t think so:P But I need some tips and tricks, maybe some things to help change a little bit so that my social game changes little by little to be more social.

And on a side note, I made it a personnel goal of mine to be able to get a girlfriend or have some fun with girls, I made this goal because I missed out on high school with what I went threw, so I wouldn't some flirting tips either, but I think I need to be able to have a conversation with girl before I think about the flirting:P


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  • just talk to people :) et to know them and eventually you'll find new topics to talk about, joke about and use to your advantage with flirting :)


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  • Get the book The System by Doc Love... it will change your life.