Online romance, is it possible? think about it and discuss

ok so there are these two guys, I think they like me a lot, we flirt and stuff but I always end up with mixed emotions, I don't know how I feel about them, they make me feel so happy and stuff but at the end of the day, we only know each other online and that's the only form of contact we have, we've never met in person and probably never will (they both live in other countries) the only possible option would be to have an online relationship but we all know it wouldn't work because in the end, real life trumps virtual reality, so should we just be really close friends that flirt with each other a lot and like each other and stuff?

this is mainly just to help me gather my thoughts there isn't really a question, but if you want to answer one:

online relationship? yes or no? and why?


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  • No, having a boyfriend or girlfriend on the internet is not a workable idea in all honesty. Internet friends can be real friends in a way, but girlfriend/boyfriend dynamics just don't translate to the internet. Friends that flirt is a much more realistic option...or a friend with benefits, if you use webcam haha. And maybe one day you can travel to meet each other...?


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  • Possible? Very. Plausible? Not really.


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  • Don't waste your time. In my experience of seeing friends and my brother try online relationships, you can't really know or have a true relationship with someone you have never met in person. When it comes down to it, you ONLY see the side of them that THEY want you to see. You don't know how they talk to their mother. You don't know if they respect others around them. You don't see how they treat the waiter at a restaurant. You don't learn all their little quirks and mannerisms and that is one of the most beautiful parts of being with someone.

    Flirt, talk, fine, whatever. But real life will ALWAYS win. Don't sit at home on your prom night because your boyfriend lives in a different country. Don't miss out on double dates and all the wonderful fun experiences and memories that you can have dating someone who you can see, touch, and love physically!

    • i see you agree with what I said, real life WILL ALWAYS WIN.

    • Yup! You sound like you've got a good head on your shoulders, I just wanted to agree (: