Why doesn't he want to call it a relationship?

I met this Guy who lives a few states away. However we have spent several weeks together in the past few months. He says That we are exclusive and that he's not talking to or seeing anyone else and neither am I.

I brought up the relationship topic the other day and to my surprise he said he doesn't want to call it a relationship yet until we live together or one of us moves basically. He has told me since we've been talking that he is looking for a relationship and wants it to work out with me. But why won't he say we're in a relationship now, considering that we are both exclusive and both want a relationship out of it?

Is this an easy cop-out for him? He's 28 and I'm 23 he says if I have been through as much as he has then I'd understand why he wants to wait. But should he base our relationship or status on the girls that screwed him over?

What should I do about this situation?


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  • he wants you guys closer together so he can spend more time with u.


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  • I am not sure what the difference is between "exclusive" and a "relationship". Sounds like semantics. Perhaps you have an exclusive relationship.


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  • Sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too...although it IS too early to be having that relationship talk if you've only been dating a few weeks. Hope you're not sleeping with him then.