How to get attention on online dating site?

Im on plenty of fish, I know I'm attractive looking to at least some girls. I have on my profile that I just got out of a somewhat serious relationship but would like to casually date and see what's out there (its the truth.) How would you like a guy to start a conversation with you?


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  • ask a interesting question, like not the normal one people always ask ya know "what do you do?" hobbies?" etc etc ask something more specific and out there, use there profile to you advantage, like if they say they like painting on there profile ask why they like to paint. the easiest thing for some one to do is talk about themselves so make them. ask if they've ever done one of your hobbies. just don't except the one word mundane answer.

  • have some pictures where you're doing fun things to show your interests and that you're fun to be around


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