What are the best dating sites?

I really want to meet someone special... and I never have any luck. I don't want to be one of those people who get older and still have no one. :(


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  • The best dating site in the world will never beat a bar or club on a Saturday night.

    • Dating sites help guys waste less time and money. You can find 100's of girls in just a few minutes..and in seconds decide if you want to bother contacting them or not. Studies show that girls are no longer going to bars and clubs to meet guys. With your profile posted you are meeting people and people are finding you 24/7 365... Its just too easy...

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  • I'm not sure if you have an iPhone or not but there is this app called Skout. ( I think you can also connect via internet)

    But it matches you with local people in your area. & you start talking and stuff.

  • Don't go on plenty of fish, it is a site for people look into hooking up an not a serious relationship

    • really? I got banned from PoF...

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    • If I met a great girl I would LOVE to

    • Yeah I'm in the same boat I'd love to but after him Imma be more choosy about who I pick

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  • Match, Zoosk, and christian mingle is you're a believer. E harmony Sucks like no other!

    • why does it suck?

    • they only show you a list of names..and you have to click on each name to see a pic. Very restrictive in how you can write your profile.. You are not able to just say anything you want in your own words.. you have to follow their formatted questions.. very dumb. Match lets you type whayever you want in detail in the different fields. Match will let you send more than one emal to someone..

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