How can I stop wasting so much energy thinking about these two girls?

Basically, had that flirtation period, made my move, ended up being turned down, essentially. For one of them, it's been a year, and the other it's been two and a half. And I still think about them all the time. It's more depressing when I realize that they're going about their life, blissfully unaware, which just makes me angrier at myself for wasting so much energy.

What's worse is that I'm going to be stuck with the both of them for the next two years. One of them still does the friendly/flirtatious thing with me and the other is indifferent. I'd rather have both of them just hate me.

I think part of this is that I do feel lonely and have suffered from a lack of female attention in my life. On the other hand, I have a pretty good life, so this is just useless.


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  • just think of something more important then just girls


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  • First of all. That's so gay.

    And second. What's the rush with getting a gf?



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  • You sound like you need a good night out. Get your friends out, get to a club and get on some new chicks. You'll feel amazing about how making out with a new chick is. It'll make those other girls a thing of the past. It seems you don't have many girls in your life. If you did, you wouldn't have this problem of still thinking about the ones where it didn't work out.

    • yeah, the problem is that school is consuming all of my time, so I'm basically left with such a limited pool of the same girls.