What does it mean when a girl says she is blushing via text?

I was texting her before on fb she said that had a bad day. I ask her what was wrong? she said everything. I told her don't be upset and keep that pretty smile on your face. she replied back, "awwww... I'm blushing". what does it mean when a girl blushes?


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  • it means she's flattered

    • it just mean that or does she like me?

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    • The places that we usually go to don't have that many girls to choose from. She hit my arm one time when I didn't notice her and walked past her. She rested her head on my shoulder when I told my brother to stop talking to "my wife" like that with a smile on her face.

    • oh ok... ya I'm thinkin she likes u

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  • When a girl tells you that she is blushing because of something you said to her via text , it`s a good thing . When a guy makes me blush just by saying something by text , it makes me think that he`s a total sweetheart , and that`s good for the guy

  • You brightened her mood!


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