Why is he still calling me??

So my ex-boyfriend and I were together for about a year and we have now been broken up for about five months. We have still been talking here and there, but it has not been pretty. We have not seen eachother.

I am now trying to move on with my life, but he continues to call and text me daily. I just do not get why he is still calling me! All we do when we talk is fight, so I have been ignoring his calls for the past week and I just do not know what to do.

Why is he still calling me? What should I do?


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  • Because he's annoying! Oh my ex tried really hard to do that too. We talked sometimes after we broke up, but yeah, it wasn't pretty at all. We ended up in fights which just annoyed me more because that was one of the reasons we broke up. What happened with my ex was that he broke up with me and thought I would be devastated forever. Then realized how quickly I got over it and how great I was doing, then he tried to win me over again, but I realized what he was doing and called him out on it. After that, it wasn't pretty at all. He tried to convince me that we needed to talk and that he just wanted to be friends, but somehow we always ended up in fights. He would text all the time, tried to make me feel bad for him, etc.

    Anyway, he's probably not over you. Just continue to ignore him. Hopefully, eventually, he'll take the hint.


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  • Simple, change your number. End of the calling. Peace.


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  • Honey, if you figure this out I would LOVE to hear it. Same scenario, dated almost a year & have been broken up for over 5 mths. Except we don't fight. He doesn't even want to have a conversation, just some quick text to touch base every day even if it's a score to a game. I don't get it, I've asked him to stop, I've tried ignoring him but it makes it worse. I've given up. I just shoot a text back (usually when I know he's sleeping or otherwise engaged) and call it a day. Seems the path of least resistance.

    How did you guys break up? I broke up with him when he basically checked out. I told him I loved him and I was hurting, he just sort of looked at me... not exactly the response I was looking for. But I sometimes wonder if it's a pride thing or a competition because I did the dumping. Did you break up with him or did he break up with you?

    And what are you fighting about?