Is this relationship done or is there still hope?

I met this guy about a month ago we have been chatting on Facebook chat/messaging (he doesn't have a cell phone because he is too cheap to activate it) I thought it has been going great until about a week ago I went to his house and we cuddled and watched movies... I thought it was a great time ... Now I have only heard from him twice... He hasn't been on Facebook for some reason... Like if it was me and I liked someone and there was a problem computer wise I would let the other person know that I wouldn't be online for a while but let's meet up... Like should I message the guy and asks what's going on... Is this relationship thing done.. Or wait for him to respond to my last message ...


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  • I think you should stay away from him, the fact that he says he doesn't have a cell phone smells fishy, now days everyone has a cell phone including my 7 yrd old nephew, so I'm sure he lied to you about that. Plus he should of let you know if he had problems contacting you, and the fact that he hasn't tried to contact you makes him seem like he has no interest.

    If I were you, I would loose contact with him.

    • Meh. I don't think that's necessarily true. I know a few people who don't have cell phones.

    • I don't any body that doesn't have a cell but,My point is that There is a lot of way to communicate with someone, specially after hanging out for the first time and having a great night, ( I'm sure will all get anxious to hear from the other person) He could of gone to a friends house and borrow the comp, for a sec. Don't think Innocent and look of the fact I'm sure If you were in his position you could find a way to send him an email.


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  • How long ago did you send the last message? And what did it say?

    • He messages Sunday asking about how my weekend was I replied about how I had worked all weekend and that we should have another movie night

    • Wait another day or two. Then follow up with him. Start by asking how his week has been and ask if he got your last message. Ask if he wants to have another movie night sometime soon. If he doesn't respond within a a couple of days, move on. If he responds and wants to have another movie night, proceed. Ask him gently why you never heard back from him and then politely ask him to let you know if he has to disappear like that again. Do it with a smile.

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  • I think you should wait it out. He might just be busy. Sometimes guys just suck with communication, too. That being said, if he doesn't contact you in the next week, there's no point in messaging him. Regardless of the reason, he's obviously not interested. But until then, just play it cool and spend some quality time with your friends. I think it's too soon to know for sure lol. Twice is better than not at all! Good luck :)