Is he kissing me fast because he doesn't want to?

When I first kissed was like a series of multiple pecks. Since then its been about a month, when I kiss him it is still a series of multiple pecks now with a slight linger. I felt him slip the tongue slightly once...I think? Is he a bad kisser? or does he just not like kissing me? He keeps wanting to hang out, but his kisses feel so unconnected...and its weird...


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  • I think he is nervous because he knows he is a bad kisser.You should try and relax a little bit and take it from there!


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  • Haha, I had the exact same thing happen with a guy I was dating last year. Don't worry about it, he's just a bad kisser and needs some training :) Good luck!

    • It's almost like he is just mushing his lips onto mine...He couldn't have been doing that for all the years he has been kissing? right?