Ways to ask a girl to prom?

Ways to ask a girl to prom? We're pretty close, and she basically knows I'm going to ask her, so I want to surprise her in the method I do it in.


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  • Buy a small puzzle, put it together and paint all the pieces white, then when it's dry write something like "will you go to prom with me?" on the pieces, break it back up and put it in its box and give it to her.


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  • My senior year of high school one of our news anchors (for daily announcements-broadcasted live all over the high school) wanted to ask his girlfriend to prom in a special way so he asked her in front of 4,000 students and staff via our T.V. announcements. She was an anchor too so we all got to see her reaction. I think she stopped breathing? It was very sweet and suprising though. Get on the P.A. and ask her out.

  • Put a bunch of sticky notes on her locker that spell out "PROM?"

    Haha. Just watch the movie Prom on netflix, they have such good ideas.


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