Have ever you texted someone under the pretext that you meant to text somebody else?

Just to find a reason to talk to them? Like texting a guy, but pretending you were trying to text a friend instead of him. I feel like it's pathetic, but I'm about to do it.

  • No, I haven't that's just sad.
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  • I can't remember if I did it once or just thought about doing it. But either way it's bad new and has a high chance of backfiring. I can almost always tell when a guy has done this to me and I can't help but laugh and think about how pathetic it is. If you want to text him, just say hi.

    • I do feel like it would be painfully obvious -.-

    • Yeah don't do it. Either just say hi, or don't text him at all if your emotions are too wrapped up in it.


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  • Don't do it. Just say hey or what's up or something like that.